LuresSoft Plastic LuresZMan 3.5″ GrubZ – 10 Per Pack

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  • Proven curl tail profile
  • 10X Tough ElaZtech Construction
  • Super soft and flexible, realistic feel
  • Buoyant for a lively tail-up action
  • Available in proven Aussie colours
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ZMan brought the curly tail plastic back to life and into a new era with their 10X Tough, buoyant, super-soft and flexible ElaZtech construction. This gave new life to the curly tail, creating maximum action, even with minimal movement and at slow retrieve speeds. The built-in buoyancy also gave the ZMan GrubZ range a seductive tail-up action on the drop and a natural tail-up feeding action when at rest on the bottom, over time accounting for an incredible variety of fish species. Add to this the 10X Tough construction and you have a plastic that can be smashed and crunched time and time again, even by toothy critters and keep coming back for more.

The ZMan 3.5″ GrubZ fills out the family, now consisting of a 2″, 2.5″, 3.5″ and 9″ GrubZ, and it is both popular and versatile. Its profile and action suits everything from bass and golden perch in the fresh, to flathead, mulloway and mangrove jack in the estuaries and out onto the shallow reefs and rubble patches in search of snapper and other reef species. Whether you are wanting to give soft plastics fishing a go, or you’re an experienced plastics flicker looking for a new weapon, the ZMan GrubZ family has a proven track record on Australia’s most popular target species. Fish on!

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Motor Oil 3188, Pearl 3184, Midnight Oil 3192, Pink Glow 3187


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