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  • All sizes come in packs of 10 pieces.
  • Size 4 suits 40-80lb line
  • Size 2 suits 100-300lb line
  • Size 1/0 suits 300-400lb line
  • Size 3/0 suits 400-500lb line
  • Size 4/0 suits 500-700lb line
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Designed for versatility and durability, the Shogun Crane Swivel Sleeves allow you to effortlessly assemble your rigs. Simply slide the sleeve onto your trace or mainline and crimp it securely in position. The sturdy metal construction ensures a reliable connection, holding your rig together even under intense pressure.

With the Crane Swivel Sleeves in place, you can easily attach any type of leader you prefer to the swivels. This enables you to customize your rig according to your fishing style and target species. Attach your preferred hooks, lures, or bait with confidence, knowing that the swivel connection will provide superior strength and flexibility.

Ideal for heavy-duty applications and deep-sea fishing, the Shogun Crane Swivel Sleeves are built to withstand the toughest conditions. Whether you’re targeting large game fish or exploring deep waters, these swivel sleeves offer the reliability and performance you need.

Experience the convenience and reliability of the Shogun Crane Swivel Sleeves for your rigging needs. Customize your setup effortlessly and fish with confidence, knowing that your connections are secure and durable. Upgrade your fishing gear with these essential accessories from Shogun.

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3.3mm 3/0 Crane, 2.3mm 1/0 Crane, 1.8mm 2 Crane, 1.6mm 4 Crane


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