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  • S A-RB – Shimano S A-RB bearings are high corrosion resistant ARB ball bearings with an extra shield for improved protection against sand, salt or dust.
  • Hagane Body – The Hagane Body is produced from high rigidity aluminium or magnesium. This creates stiffness and impact resistance, while at the same time eliminating flexing of the body. The result is a rock-solid housing and support for the moving internal gearing and greater efficiency throughout the reel.
  • Infinity Drive – Infinity Drive is a new main shaft supporting structure that improves winding torque and allows for incredibly smooth and light rotation.
  • XProtect – Shimano focused on a non-contact structure that does not compromise the lightness of the spinning. In addition to conventional water-repellent treatment, a labyrinth structure that suppresses water penetration is combined to achieve high water-resistant performance despite the non-contact nature of the structure.
  • S-Compact Body – S-Compact Body provides the comfortable palming body  by making the palming side plate smaller than the handle side plate.
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Lever drag specially designed for jigging. A new move in jigging strategy to challenge giant fish.
Ocea Jigger LD 2500, a game-changer in precision jigging. This lever drag reel redefines norms with its 30% lighter rotational torque and innovative double-drag structure, maximizing control during intense fights. Boasting a 20 kg drag force and compact yet powerful design, it surpasses even larger reels. Customizable with interchangeable drag cams, the Ocea Jigger LD ensures an unmatched balance of strength and yet stays palm sized. Elevate your jigging experience with this dedicated reel for giants of the deep.

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2500 HG, 2500 MG


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