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Weight: 100 g
Dimensions: 180 × 40 × 20 mm
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Clicks Pro Spec was created based on feedback from the experience of our staff who have pursued every performance required of Egi and set numerous records.

Feel the water as if you were holding it in your hand, and play around with the squid with a variety of actions. Performance, usability, design – all the answers are here.

In order to find the stickiness and strength, we used a stainless steel domestic Kaken hook to achieve the same stickiness as a sweetfish hook.  The stinger tip, which boasts a strong piercing, can easily pierce even the thick arms of monsters weighing over 3 kg.

In addition, it has a hardened finish so that it will not be stretched by the overwhelming power of monsters, so you can safely interact with the few monsters in a state where you have complete control.
Furthermore, by finishing the body shape with a thinner end of the tail, the effective range for hooking has been expanded and the hook-up rate has been significantly increased.

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WHITE #91, BLACK #94, GREEN #17, BROWN #11


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